Friday, February 13, 2009

'Moral policing' by Hindutva activists in Mangalore results in a girl's death

A 15-year-old girl committed suicide at Aikala near Kinnigoli here on Wednesday, allegedly after being harassed by suspected Bajrang Dal men for talking to a Muslim youth
This follows the incident of kidnapping of Kerala MLA's daughter for talking to a Muslim male friend.
Can we still believe that the Mangalore incidents are just an aberration? Definitely not.
This appears to be a dangerous attempt to turn Karnataka in to a Gujarat.


  1. Yes I read this yesterday. It's so horrifying ...let me repeat what I wrote elsewhere, A girl of sixteen committing suicide after being humiliated/sexually abused by another attack and humiliation by these molesters.

    She was taken to the Police station for talking to a boy from another religion. It seems there are many in Karnataka who accept Taliban-style rules only for the weak and for women. If they dared to to behave like this in front of the cameras just think how far they will go behind the cameras?

    Long rant .... our Pink Chaddi Campaign might protect us (somewhat) but there is no one to help these girls who are convinced that their izzat is more precious than their young lives.

    How does one reach out to them and tell them that these hoodlums not they are impure ... when city bred educated people also think that maybe the girls deserved the molestations.

  2. This really disturbed me ... I really wish there was some way to reach out to the victims ...

  3. And the problem is same people will also get elected and will hold office, in spite of these shenanigans.

    Guess we are still asleep.

  4. IHM, yes it is horrifying that they are continuing this even after all that happened. That is because they are sure about the support from the Government.
    Local NGOs and Women and Student organizations should play an important role in reaching out to the oppressed. I think some are doing it.
    The Pink Chaddi campaign is revolutionary in the sense that this is the first time in history of India that a woman's under garment [usually considered as something immoral] was made the tool of protest against oppression of Women.

  5. Chirag, same people can be voted out of office.There are moves in the opposition camp which may ensure BJP defeat in coming Parliamentary election.

  6. Yeah,this is disturbing and creepy..things will not change,atleast till elections are over.I hope all indians will utilize their power by voting for the right candidate..

    On a different note,didn't you read that peopel who attcaked MLA's daughter was DYFI guys.Nevre heard anything more..These are all a bloody sick political dramas..In the end,women are suffering mainly...

    Good day!!

  7. Nimmy, As I view the evidence that is coming out,it has now become clear that the accusation of BJP that the attackers were CPM men is a blatant lie. They could create confusion because of a coincidence. Sathish an accused happened to be the son of CPM Panchyath member,but has never worked for his father's party. The most important evidence that shows the accused were Sangh parivar activists is the fact that the Advocate of the accused Mr Hegde is a local Sangh Parivar lawyer who had appeared several times in court for various sangh parivar outfits including for local Bajrangdal Chief in a church attack case. see this link and read the comments.

  8. You have been tagged Doctor,please see my latest post :)

  9. Shocking incident. The victims are being made villains in this drama. The culprits humiliated the victims and got away with it and now there is a case against the other victim.What is our nation coming to?

  10. there was various versions being reported about this incident. we should wait till complete investigation is complete and reports are formed before forming any conclusion.

    even in mla daughter's case lets wait till court's decision.

    bjp may be spreading lies but congress and the media are capavle of it as well

  11. Anonymous, thank you for the comment.Reading all the available reports of this MLA daughter's kidnapping incident,it has become evident that the Sangh Parivar members are the culprits. In the suicide incident the Bajrangdal members have claimed that they interfered to 'save' the girl. That interference reulted in the suicide.

  12. again you have formed the opinion before investigation is i have said earlier media is quite capable of twisting the reports. this has happened in the past.

    regarding the suicide case
    bajrang dal should not be interfering in personal lives. but let the extent of involvement be clear. the girl was underage. her father has alleged rape. let the investigation be complete.

    in the MLA case the lawyer of the accused has said that they were belonging to cpm's student organization. may be thats not the truth as the lawyer you say belongs to sangh parivar. you have also said the accused was son of cpm panchayat leader. then may be he did belong.
    again let it be proved in court that the accused were following bajrang dal or any sangh parivar's orders. the accused may even be doing that in their individual capacity.

  13. Anonymous, be brave and please come out with a name.
    In mumbai terror attack we did not wait for the investigations to be over before accusing Pakistan/LeT.There were enough circumastantial evidence to show the link.
    Same applies here.
    Thank you for saying Bajrangdal should not interfere in personal lives. The fact that the BD was lying about rape will be evident from post mortem report if the Police were able to investigate without political interference.

    Are they doing it in their individual capacity?May be.Anyway I am sure Bajrang Dal do not issue written orders for an attack.So it can always be turned in to an individual attack.Whether there were any orders or not the attack is the result of the hate-muslim campaign of Sangh Parivar [similar to the Gandhiji assassination where hate-Gandhi campaign of RSS resulted in his killing]

  14. bravery... whats that got to do with a name? anyway it is a psuedonym. i can give it as anything. how will it affect anything?

    anyways in mumbai attacks kasab was arrested. he provided initial info for the accusation. even in that case it was stupid to make accusations before complete probe. two wrongs do not make a right.

    as i have said earlier let probe be complete and let court decide the case. dont junp to conclusions. regarding political interference do you have any proof?

    - anon


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