Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We don't need your advice Mr Musharaaf

Indian Muslims are capable of solving their problems... We don't need your advice.. Don't try to alienate Indian Muslims by your remarks, here or in Pakistan."
This blunt message was conveyed to former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf by a prominent Muslim leader Mehmood Madani at a function inIndia.
Madani, member of Rajya Sabha and leader of Jamat-e-Ulema-i-Hind, made it clear to the Pakistani leader that he or his country need not bother about the condition of Muslims in India.
"Don't start your politics of Pakistan from here," Madani told Musharraf after the latter claimed that Muslims in India were alienated and suggested that this was one of the reasons for terrorism here. Virtually rattling the former Pakistani military ruler, Madani said,"Pakistan ki jitni total population hai , us se zyada population haiIndian Muslims ki . (Population of Muslims in India is more than that total population of Pakistan). You should be knowing this.
" When Musharraf said he was aware of it, Madani said, "If you know this,then you should also know that Indian Muslims have the capability to solve their problems. We don't need your advise. Don't try to alienate Indian Muslims by your remarks, here or in Pakistan."
A stunned Musharraf, who was in New Delhi to attend the India Today conclave, was left visibly upset and did not seem to know what to say in response.
Mr Madani's passionate rebuttal of Mushraaf will surely help in countering the false impression in many that Indian Muslims are looking towards Pakistan for help. This also indicate how hollow is the Pakistani claim that it represents the voice of South Asian Muslim community. In this context we should also remember that Bangladeshi voters did defeat pro-Pak political parties by a big margin in recent elections.
Mushaaraf tried to do what he knows best.To incite and cause unrest. History will surely judge him as one who tried his best to destabilise Pakistan.
Why such a dictator,the cause of Kargil war was invited by India Today Group?
A delegation of Pakistani leaders [not dictators] are in India from March 1.
Why none of those leaders who promotes peace and talks in a sane voice were invited?
Read excerpts from their speeches here 1 2 3 4


  1. Hey hey,you are psoting regularly ,that too interesting ones...

    I have been reading this news very closely..It makes me wonder why this should be such a news of great importance..It unsaid,does it imply that Indian Muslims are underdogs of Pakistanis ?Duh,those who think so and those crappy muslims who crack crackers for Pakistan-both of them need mental asylum,period.

    It is very sad and sick that people think that indian muslims are attched to Pakistanis.. My grandfather who passed away 4 years ago was a freedom fighter and he got pension till the month he passed away. I am glad he stayed here,and i thank God for not being born across that small LOC .but why the hell do people ask me 'Oh,you really wanted to be in Pakistan,but you couldn't go uh? "..All such people may jump into cow dung pit and rot themselves ..

    But i want to tell you that Musharaff was the best among what Pakistan got ever.He lifted the economy,gave huge opportunities of education and career for women and many more.And many Pakis were sad that he left..Now i know why they are sad-gay Zardari is worth a toilet paper...

  2. I watched the telecast of India Today conclave and it was interesting...
    I just read Jawed Naqvi's op-ed in The Dawn and he thinks that the Maulana was fielded as an official mascot of Indian muslims...He feels this was a desperate move by the Indian intelligentsia to show how well social equations in the country are...Whatever the reason, I agree with Maulana - Pakistan has no business interfering in India's domestic problems...
    As to the question why Musharaff was invited, Naqvi feels that the Indians have a perverse love-hate relationship with him and that they are going the American way by preferring military rule to civilian rule because the latter retards their agendas...

  3. Nimmy, The propaganda of the Hindutva forces through wishpering campaigns and thru media has created an impression in at least few ppl in India that Indian Muslims are more loyal to Pakistan.It has to be countered again and again by secular forces and Muslim leaders.
    I have an entirely different opinion about Mushraaf mainly formed by reading the noted Pakistani Journalist Ahmed Rashid's book 'Descent in to Chaos'.May post abt that book soon.

  4. Bones, Yes military dictators, monarchs and religious leaders are easier to deal with [and to promote hidden agendas] for foreign forces. That’s why US promoted and helped to maintain military rule in Pakistan for so many years. That is also the reason for lack of democracy in Gulf States.
    The Civil Society in India should support the democratic experiments in Pakistan. For India to be a secular and peaceful nation, we need a thriving democracy in Pakistan.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more Charakan...But the problem is in Pak, the army is strong even now...It seems to me that Zardari doesn't have much power...I'm quite sure the army will take over again...

  6. That is not only mushraf thinking. Every Pakistani have same thinking about Indian Muslims brother and sisters. They have nice thinking for indian muslims.
    May Allah Bless indian Muslims.

  7. Blessings for all Indians from Pakistan is welcome. Most Muslims in India whom I know feel happy that they are in India and not in Pakistan.


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