Saturday, August 15, 2009

63rd Indian Independence Day

We are free from British rule for last 62 years.But how soon each and every citizen of India will be free from hunger and poverty?
Happy Independence day to all.


  1. We are moving towards there Charakan ... !! Though there are too many hurdles, and many of these hurdles are so avoidable :(

  2. We're 1 billion, and cash-strapped. So it will take a bit more time.

    We can pray that the amount allocated towards these noble causes reaches the end and deserving users and not in the pockets of some babus or their 'netas'. This has been our curse, and let it not be an eternal one.


  3. IHM,
    May be it is good to hope we will reach that goal soon so that we can sleep soundly. But is that a romantic hope or a rational prediction?

  4. Are we cash strapped? When we read abt the IPL auctions or the amount spend for some celibrity weddings one wonder..........

  5. But how soon each and every citizen of India will be free from hunger and poverty? - Indeed!

    We have enough money - I think corruption eats up quite a bit.

    Happy Independence day to you too!

  6. Freedom from hunger and poverty?? We are getting there, aren't we, maybe not in our lifetime though.

  7. Smitha, yes we have enough money,but in a few hands and majority lives earning a dollar or less a day.

    Seema, are we reaching there soon? Sometimes I feel we have lost our way.

  8. "poverty and hunger" is also a business these days. that is how some countries come to power.

    you know it better than i do it is not the lack of resources that there is poverty and hunger, but the lack of policy and failure in the distribution system - don't you think/

  9. Yes Anrosh,lack of resources is not the problem. Our policies to eradicate hunger and poverty had failed over and over again due to a genuine lack of will.

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