Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pictures of hope from Egypt

Egypt is at cross roads of its history. May be not only Egypt,but the whole of Arab world.
30 year old dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak is being questioned by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Egyptians in the streets of Cairo,Alexandria,Suez and other cities. The ruling Party headquarters is in flames. while the protesters form a human shield to protect the National Museum. Mubarak's allies in the West and the Arab world were speechless and stunned.

The protesters were from all class,creed and religion.They included the rich ,the poor,men and women,jeans clad and burqa clad,blue collar workers and manual labourers.There were no anti-US or anti- Israel slogans.There were no ritual burning of US flags.It was mainly secular and peaceful protests aimed at just one thing- regime change and ouster of Mubarak.

Things are still fluid. Nobody is sure what will happen the next hour. But my hunch is regime change in Egypt will take place and Egypt will become a more democratic and liberal State.


  1. Let's hope that if the regime changes it will indeed be a better one. Otherwise it's just exchanging one dictator for another.

    Also, the role of the Army will be of prime importance...

  2. BJP, I am very optimistic and excited.It is not just a romantic optimism but optimism arising from the indications from the ground. This can have a cascading effect in neighbouring countries also.

  3. Hi, Came over from your comment at P J Kochuthresiamma's post.

    History has shown that the common men will rise against injustice and common sense would prevail over injustice; unfortunately, it takes time.

    About your query at KPJ,I would like to invite you to my blog posts


  4. Balachandran,
    Welcome to my blog.
    Unfortunately it takes time. Even after 8 days of massive street protests Mubarak remains but the end is near. Thamk you for the links. Will visit your links soon

  5. My only concern is they might end up with a Military or a Religious Fundamentalists' regime... I hope they have free and fair elections and a Democratic government. But Mubarak is in no hurry to leave yet.

  6. the entry of mubarak supporters has complicated matters.

  7. IHM, yes dictators never leave in a hurry.The protesters represent the most liberal and democratic sections of Egyptian society. So thier victory will surely result in a much better Egypt and Middle East. Only the Saudi King and Israeli Government are against democracy in Egypt. USA has changed the status of Mubarak from 'favoured dictator' to expendable former ally.

  8. KPJ, the brutality of the Govt hired goons/plainclothes Police was horrific but the protesters are staying firm. Attack on western journalists backfired and made Mubarak an expendable ally for the West.Egypt and the Middle East will never be the same again and era of democratic reforms in the Middle East has begun.

  9. Hopefully Egypt will grab this opportunity... nd the waves of this revolution is going to lap on other shoress too..Some are preparing to meet it..
    as for America, I hope they are not waiting like the proverbial wolf to lap the blood..

  10. Happy Kitten, Yes the protesters are still there and the changes are around the corner. It may not satisfy all but a great beginning.


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