Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Anna Hazare's movement is popular?

The increasing popularity of Anna Hazare's movement and his fast against Corruption has baffled many,especially the intellectuals and  more so the Government.
Let me try to elucidate 5 important points that is making it popular.
1. Corruption is an important issue for every one in the country. It is a menace not only for the poorest of the poor but also for the richest of the rich.It is an issue in every corner of the country regardless of gender,class,religion, caste, language etc.
2. Non violent mode of protest is one of the most attractive and safe mode of protest and everyone including a woman carrying a baby or a physically challenged person in a wheelchair can participate.
3. Though the movement itself is one of the most important Nation-wide political activity in recent times in India,it is devoid of political color of any single Party. The movement can be broadly classified as on the Left of the political spectrum in the sense that it is liberal mass based protest against  anti-people State. But those participating it hold wide variety of political views.Lack of any political color makes it very popular.
4. Anna Hazare himself is a cute lovable character with a  clean image. Team Anna members are also held in  high esteem for the integrity of their character and for their track record in public life.
5. Inept handling of the protest movement by the Govt,especially the arrest of Anna and lodging him in Tihar jail and the way Anna handled it helped to increase his popularity.

 I have not included 24/7 visual media coverage among the 5 most important reasons  because I do not believe it played that important a role as many think. Media aims at improving TRP. Popular non-violent David vs Goliath movements with twists and turns every hour are their bread and butter unless their owners have a vested interest against it. The coverage has contributed to the popularity,but the coverage happened because it is popular.
 Though I am not sure how this movement will culminate, I am sure that it is a tremendously positive phenomenon in the Indian political scene.


  1. If corruption is a virus, then anna hazare's proposed jan lok pal bill is an anti-virus

    anna reminds us of rabindra nath tagore, "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.........."

    I hope the indian middle class anger and excitement is not short-lived

  2. Actually if we want to support annaji why only he is on the fast we also should keep the fast along with him that will give more pressure to govt after all it is our fight also other wise it will be like we are getting things on one shoulder only.

  3. actually what Anna ji doing is right...... but according to me the weak bill was not the only major problem......

    the major problem is the 5-years ruling period of govt......

    see if the ruling period of govt is limited to 1 year.....then these parties will not spent multi million during election for bribe....and there would be more parties except congress or bjp as option during election..... ministers will be afraid that if they do corruption this year then maybe next year their party would not be elected and then any citizen can file complaint against them....

    so this 5-year govt period is basically the major problem which still remain even after the passing of lokpal due to this 5-year long wait, the other parties will have to spent hard time in waiting even if they want to do better.......and when they did not get selected for about 10-years, then tell me who can bet to live for 100 years....

    in short human life span..... the 5 years of waiting is very very big period........

  4. Releive Anna of the protest, let us all rotate the fast and keep the movement going all long as it takes to be proud of INDIA as a nation with cleanest society in the world. We are world beaters in Management, Software and many other things, but all this is small if you consider that we can be the world most cleanest society with zero corruption and clean administration. What pains me most is the way our leaders behave in the Parliment - 60 plus years of independence and yet we have to pay some one to get even the smallest of our needs - It is disgusting that all our chosen representatives have no calibre at all.

  5. Nancy Malik,
    Yes there is always the fear that all these activism may end soon. But the core group of Team Anna seems to be a determined lot. I am hoping this activist phase will persist.

  6. Rahul, Fast is a symbolic one and is better if a selected man/woman of some standing in public life do it to create maximum attention


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