Thursday, December 18, 2008

A plea to postpone the Orissa Bandh to be held on Christmas Day

To Mr.L.K.Advani Opposition Leader Lok Sabha, New Delhi
Dear Mr LK Advani,
A 12 hour Bandh [shutdown] have been called in the State of Orissa by Swami Laxmananda Saraswati Sradhanjali Samiti supported by the Viswa Hindu Parishad[VHP] on December 25 2008,the day of Christmas. We the people of India request you to please use your influence on the organisers to postpone this Bandh which is planned for the Christmas Day, since a Bandh on a day of festivities for Christians may lead to further division of people on religious lines. The country has just suffered terrible Terrorists Attacks in Mumbai and we all need peace and unity at a time like this. This gesture of yours will go a long way towards bringing harmony and Unity amongst the people of Orissa.
Thanking You,
Citizens of India
Click here and sign this petition to prevent further division of people on religious lines

Edited on Decemebr 22 2008

The proposed Bandh had been called off.So I am closing the petition


  1. Thank you. Spread the word. It may not be postponed.So this can be taken as a protest also.

  2. This is a very good step. I have added this petition on my blog also.

  3. The proposed Bandh has been called off.So we can claim victory right?:)
    Thank you IHM for all the publicity you gave for the Plea

  4. Bandhs by whichever party dont serve any purpose.


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