Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second Terrorist strike in Maharashtra and the Double Standards of News Channels

As predicted and feared the attack have started.Terrorists in Mumbai have attacked unarmed civilians because they want everybody to see the World in their eyes, the Islamist eyes. Now another group of terrorists have started their attack on unarmed civilians because of the same reasons.This terrorists want everybody to toe their line,the Shiv Sena line.The goons of Shiv Sena have attacked the office of a Lawyer in Amaravathi,Maharashtra because he is not obeying them.

Now you will recall the 'heroic' and 'brave' stand taken by our News Channels against terrorism.They were in fore front signing petitions against terror,in uniting the masses against Pakistan,braying for blood of Politicians etc etc.

One thought we will see the same brave stand against another attack by terrorists on civilians. I came to know about this attack while watching the BBC News at 930PM today.I had watched all the four 'anti-terror' English News Channels from 9 TO 9.30 PM but did not came to know about the attack. Then suddenly BBC was showing visuals of flag waving goons entering the Lawyer's office and vandalising it shouting slogans.
Hey what is this...? Did I sleep while watching Indian News channels? No I did not.

Now I was curious. I waited and waited for another 2 hours watching CNN-IBN,NDTV,Times NOW, and Headlines Today,to see some thing about that incident.
Nothing was there till 10pm. Then CNN IBN started to discuss 'Should Kasab get Legal Help?' Now I thought they will show some visuals that I saw in BBC News.Nothing like that.CNN IBN just showed a procession of terrorists of Shiv Sena going to the lawyer's Office shouting slogans, then CUT. I am sure they have the visuals but they did not show it. [may be because it was too violent?]
I wondered why they are discussing 'Should Kasab get legal help?' instead of 'Should we tolerate more terrorism from Shiv Sainiks?'
Around 11.15pm I was alert enough to see some visuals of Terrorists marching to Lawyer's office in NDTV, similar to that shown on CNNIBN.It came and went off fast.It seemed these channels suddenly had become sensitive to how viewers will be affected by violent scenes.So just the procession was shown.Also no replaying again and again like the R.R.Patil, Deshmukh or Achuthanandan incidents.
Then I came on line to see how our 'anti-politician/terror' channel's websites covered the incident.
As I had not heard a single mention of the incident from our most anti-terror of all, Times Now I went to their website. There were about 50 stories on the headlines page but nothing about this terrorist act.How can Arnab of all people miss it? Now I clicked on to second page.No...nothing was there.....hey yes there is as the last but one. I clicked on the link expecting to see a photograph of Saffron terrorists waving thrissuls and flags. But there was only a picture of one terrorist,Kasab with his AK 47. Did I clicked the wrong page? I checked.No the story I wanted was there, but not the picture I wanted.It was like showing L.K.Advani's picture along with a story about Islamist terrorists.Why they did not get a single picture of Shiv Sainiks in action?Why they did not show the broken furniture and glass panes?
I went to other News Channel websites too. All now suddenly seemed to be soft on terror, the terrorism by Shiv Sainiks. Why this double standards?
Here is the TIMES NOW report Read how NDTV and CNNIBN covered it.
They all seemed to be silently justifying Terrorists entering forcefully a Lawyer's office,destroying the furniture and breaking glass panes. There was no information in the reports of whether a case has been registered or anyone arrested.There was no anguish or anger expressed about State not doing anything against this terrorists.

But a silver lining I could see is in the response of citizens to this incident. Almost all who commented spoke against this terrorism by Shiv Sainiks.

We will see this double standards from our mainstream media again and again unless we the Citizens of India cried foul in a loud and clear manner.


  1. Excellent post.
    One should probably ask Barkha, why this was not covered in detail. She took great pains to send out a clarification on their website regarding the various accusations/feedback on media.

    Would they have the guts to stand up and say Shiv Sena is nothing but internal terrorism?? A group which rapes the Indian constitution and democracy walk like heroes. And channels focus on whether we should war with Pakistan.

    You know, I guess I was naive to think that this was the threshold point!! the precipice which will bring about change..I guess I was over optimistic to believe this terror attack will change the way people/media sees things.

    What can be done seems too stupid a question to ask!

  2. Thank you Layman. Do not be too pessimistic.I can see some silver lines. 1.The local Islamists have suffered a set back due to the Mumbai attacks.The callousness of killing in cold blood had made the main stream Muslims shy away from violence and to isolate the Islamists. 2. If the Hindutva brigade could be made to behave by some means we may see a better future for our Country. 3.Alert Public can keep politicians and the media on their toes so that they perform their duties better. 4.In Pakistan also Islamists are more and more isolated as the Western pressure increases.

    Be alert but optimistic

  3. So True. Probably it might be due to the patronage received by the media at a political level. Core Journalism takes a hit always when commercialised. Maybe thats why such double standards to show only what sells and stay away from trouble. Cannot say whether it is true or not but grapevine talks, that shares of some well known news channels are held by political leaders. My view any political party with religious agenda should just not be encouraged.


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