Friday, January 16, 2009

Indians are wise as per this Opinion Poll

An Opinion Poll conducted by a newspaper[none other than our New Indian Express,NIE] asked randomly chosen people of 4 Indian cities a series of questions regarding India's response to 26/11 terror attack.
To the question
How should India respond to the Mumbai attacks by Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba ?
an overwhelming 79 percent were against any air or land offensive against Pakistan.
To the question
Was Israel correct in attacking Gaza?
only 18 percent Indians said yes.
To a question
Has aggressive military action over the years reduced the security threat to Israel?
63 percent said, No it has not changed much
The result of the poll according to the newspaper
"come as a surprise to policymakers, politicians and voices in the media which have been clamouring for “action” against Pakistan for the Mumbai attack".
It might have been a surprise for the war mongers in the print and visual media[like NIE] but not to ordinary people of India.
Let me congratulate the New Indian Express for being brave enough to publish the opinion poll even though it produced a different result to what they wanted.


  1. 'Comments are welcome especially if you do not think like me.'

    LOL But I think like you, and this post has made it a very nice morning :) I always wondered if people thought otherwise!

  2. Good one.... thank god that good sense prevails among the public....
    War will not solve anything......

  3. IHM,People are wiser and sane than the 'wise' men in the media because they have a vested interest in Peace

  4. Ajit, Yes war will not solve anything but will surely aggravate things

  5. I love our people..
    They have shown their sense be it during elections.. during times of crisis.. or in opinion polls conducted by extremist newspapers; intended to amp the war cries..
    It's really a pleasure and a wonder!

    But as you said.. let's congratulate NIE for publishing it.. although I wonder whether it's for an image make over ;)

  6. It should be "we have shown our sense"...
    They refer only to the people who took part in the poll..

  7. mebbe the NIE have been reading blogs about them :-)

  8. Layman, Yes the ppl of India have proved they are more wise and brave once again.They did not play in to the hands of either the terrorists nor the saffron tinged war mongering media.NIE tried hard but they realise now that they failed.But do not expect any image makeover.They will try their best in the coming elections

  9. KPJ, if you noticed all the questions you will realise that they wanted an opinion poll verdict in favour of BJP.They failed miserably but still they published it,may be because of the prior contract with the agency which conducted the poll.NIE will not change dont worry.

  10. People are way wiser or at least the ones who participated in the polls. There is whole different set who have no clue about of these things and they are the ones who are decision makers.

  11. Solilo, thank you for the comment.Though the number who participated in this poll was small,from the impression we get most ordinary ppl have the same wise opinion.In an election year it will be difficult to ignore public opinion.


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