Friday, January 30, 2009

They wanted the World to see their "moral authority and power"

You might have wondered how so much video footage of the fascist attack on girls in Mangalore were available.The attack was supposed to be a sudden and swift one.How the visual media reached there so fast?
The answer is simple.The fascist goons wanted the video footage to be seen widely,all over India. So they informed all the TV channels and might even have waited for the cameramen to get to the vantage spots before starting their molestations.
Why they wanted this publicity? For them this is a warning to all liberal minded girls[and boys who accompany them].They want to instill fear in civil society.They want to make people believe that they are powerful and will do what they like.
In last few months they had also carried out attacks against Churches,Muslims,girls in a bus going for picnic,against slaughtering houses etc.They realised that absence of Visual media in all those attacks made it less visible to public. So they took great care in organising the media before the act.
Why are they not afraid of the Video footage? Such damning evidence is sure to put them in jail right?
It depends on who are the prosecutors.The goons have absolute faith in their mentor the Home Minister Dr.V.S.Acharya, the local BJP leader.
Did the idea of giving maximum publicity back fired? May be.Only time will tell.


  1. I sincerely hope that it does backfire....
    I sincerely hope so dude....

  2. As usual brilliant. And I also agree with the point you made on my post- you and Alankrita are right. Added this post with a quote and a link ... BUT do you know what some supporters will say ARE saying? That this fear will help save the society! I find it difficult to believe but we have people who believe moral policing is required. It's not just shocking- it's scary.

  3. Exactly as this gave them a name. Everyone now is talking about their party. The times have come when even a negative publicity is still a publicity and they are following their parent party's idealogies and ideas.

  4. What a despicable act and that too in the name of god! How dare they take it upon themselves to teach morality! They say pubculture is against our culture.Is molesting women a part of Indian culture? Shocking indeed!

  5. Any publicity is good publicity.
    Muthalik has said he is training a group of suicide bombers.
    and Yeddy still won't ban the group.

  6. Thank you for the comments.
    Ajit, atleast for now among the elite and middle class in our cities it has back fired.
    IHM, they will come with several explanations.We have to fight each one of them using the ideology of democracy and personal liberty.
    Solilo,some ppl will take it a positive publicity and hail them as saviours of Indian womanhood.
    Vally, for them what they preach and do is the truth.That is fascism.
    Shilpa, Yeddy[CM] is also part of the cast.So how he can stop the 'play'?


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